Core Values

KAC is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Australia

KAC’s Core Values:

  1. Four Pillars of the C&MA
    • Christ Our Saviour
    • Christ Our Sanctifier
    • Christ Our Healer
    • Christ Our Coming King
  2. Primacy of Sound Bible Preaching/Teaching
    • In-depth exegesis of the whole Bible
    • Interaction with God’s Word – Sunday gatherings & Home Groups
  3. Openness to the Presence and Work of Holy Spirit
    • Encouragement and training in Spiritual Gifts
    • Freedom for Spirit to move in Sunday Gatherings
    • Salvation by grace, not works, but true salvation expressed by works
    • Recognise and welcome the gifting and ministry of both men and women
  4. Sunday Gatherings Led by Spirit Rather than Liturgy
    • Time for worship
    • Time for sharing testimony
    • Time for personal interaction (around tables where possible)
    • Time for intercessory prayer
    • Time for prayer ministry (Healing, etc.)
    • Communion at least once per month
  5. Culture of Genuine Christian Love a Top Priority
    • Table fellowship (morning tea, Church lunches) an important part of Church Life
    • Pastoral care of all members
    • Genuine welcome for visitors
    • Follow-up of absentees
  6. Recognition of Wider Ministries of Members
    • Encouragement and prayer suport
  7. Recognition of Christ’s Missionary Imperative
    • Support for missionaries – prayer and finance
    • Encouragement for personal mission activity – local and abroad
  8. Trust God for His Provision of Our Needs